For more than 25 years, Online Firewood has been keeping homes warm, fire pits, chimeneas and open fires blazing, log stoves cooking and home pizza ovens fired to create delicious meals for families and friends.

Our redgum is delivered direct to your door in our specially designed tipper trucks, split dry and ready to burn.

Redgum is brilliant as it burns longer than many other types of wood, produces less smoke and ash,  provides excellent coals and heat and has a low ‘smoking factor’.  Through constant feedback, we know that many of our Customers have tried burning other woods over the years but they always come back to redgum. It’s perfect for domestic use and provides a clean, easy solution.

Have a look below at our most popular order bundles. Every order includes a FREE 6kg bag (excludes 15kg bagged wood) of ready-to-use kindling to help you get your fire started quickly, and additional bags may be purchased when you place your order.

Take a look at our most popular delivery offers (Residential )then simply place an order. If you are after something different or live outside of our standard delivery area, please call us or drop us an email for a quote.

If you are new to us, don’t forget to go to the MY ACCOUNT page and register – you’ll need to do this to place an order. Existing Customers, please use the same sign in details as you always have.

Call Jo on 0411 741 042 for any enquiries – we are always happy to help.